This little girl needs your help today! 

Pause.  Just for a second.  

And remember a time when you felt all alone.  Desperate.  Scared.  

That's how Rosario felt.  She was just a little girl.  And her family---her family---had tried to kill her.  Twice.

But you can show Rosario you're on her side.  Just $21 will give Rosario one day of the loving care she needs as a child.  Please make your gift immediately to help her!

Rosario lives at Vida Joven now.  She's not with her biological family, thankfully.  

An today she's safe and loved at Vida Joven.  But she needs you and me to make sure she continues to be cared for tomorrow and the next day and the next.  She doesn't have anyone else. 

Will you step forward to help Rosario right now?  Your kindness helps ensure that Rosario keeps getting what she needs.

Your gift of $21 will cover one full day of Rosario's care.  That includes her food, her clothing, her schooling, a warm bed of her own, loving houseparents...

You see, when you donate to this campaign, you're giving Rosario the love and protection her own family failed to give her.  Vida Joven relies 100% on financial donations like yours.  Without your help, Rosario's care isn't guaranteed.

So please, donate right now.  

There's no one else.  Rosario only has you and me.  Right now, you and I have the chance to be her family.  Her Vida Joven family.

You can do this!  And what a difference your gift will make for this amazing little girl.  

Rosario needs your help.  And you're going to feel outstanding when you help her.  Thank you for loving Rosario! 

~Beth Beall, Executive Director Vida Joven (U.S.)

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